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April 06, 2002 3:05 PM

An archive of all old blog posts and websites updates posted on the urban and underground exploration website, Including the site's original blog post which was a welcome to the website in 2002.

Nettleden Team

6/4/02: Welcome To Nettleden

Nettleden are a small, peaceful group of friends who enjoy exploring the secrets of underground Britain.

Nettleden have visited many locations over the UK including Box and Tunnel Quarry, Swans Mine, Brown’s Folly, HMS Royal Author and of course the favourite, Monkton Farleigh. Nettleden have never caused damage to any of these site while entering or exploring.

Nettleden were committed to the complete exploration and documentation of Monkton Farleigh Mine as you can tell from the website at because of this Nettleden were sadden when the mine was closed off.

Nettleden would not take violent action to regain access to Monkton Farleigh however Nettleden are aware of groups of people who have used explosives and various other tools to gain access to closed off underground areas.

Nettleden, unaware of the fact that the whole of the mine is owned by Wansdyke Security started a campaign to attract the attention of those groups with access to explosives to gain knowledge and advice on the safe and effective use of explosives. Nettleden have no experience in using explosives safely or effectively and would never attempt to. Nettleden it’s self would not get involved in any criminal activity whether the wall was erected by Wansdyke Security’s or by the local council as Nettleden believed was the case.

I'm sure that if Monkton Farleigh Mine remains unused for the years to come that eventually someone will open the mine up again at which time Nettleden look forward to the opportunity to explore the mine once again.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Steve Higgins, call 07816 285931.

10/10/02: Box, Swan And Rudloe

I've finally added some pictures of Box Tunnel, Swan Mine and RAF Rudloe Manor to the visited sites page, there are more to come soon. Look out for the photos of HMS Royal Arthur when I finish the film and get it developed.

21/10/20: Royal Arthur And Box Quarry

I have added photos of the disused HMS Royal Arthur and Box Freestone Quarry including photos of the Cathedral. All of these can be accessed from the visited sites page.

4/11/02: Quiet Times

A bit quiet at the moment, just trying to find some time to get underground again but I am so busy with work and family etc at the moment. I have managed to search the web for a few things of interest, have a look at a pretty interesting virtual tour of the Redcliffe Caves in Bristol.

I've got over 100 new links to add to the links page, just trying to work my way through them, check they work and review them.

2/12/02: Exploring Ridge

We've had a great day today, we've been back to Ridge Quarry and explored all of the mine as well as taking 40 photos. We also accidentally stumbled in to Monks Park, a working quarry so we didn't hang around there. I'm currently working on getting a map of Ridge Quarry and getting the photos from today's visit up on the site, they should all be uploaded by tomorrow night.

Do you like our Christmas decorations? Have you ever seen a Christmas nettle before?

20/12/02: Thanks

Thanks to everyone for there support over the 8 months that Nettleden has been running. Especially Chris Davies and everyone who chats in the Dark Places forum. It's been a great year for Nettleden and we hope that 2003 will be even better.

I would like to personally wish everyone who has visited, emailed us or meet up with us on a day out a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

2/1/03: About Me

A lot of people have asked me lately when I first became interested in underground things, when Nettleden started, why the website is called Nettleden and so on and I though rather than keep telling people I'd put all the details here on the site. So now accessible from the bottom of the home page is Nettleden's About Page with a detailed account of how Nettleden started, by who and why. The about page can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

6/2/03: Exploring Box Quarry

Nettleden had a fantastic day today yesterday at Box Quarry, thanks a lot to Worzel for being our guide and showing us around. We entered Box through the back door entrance and head for the Cathedral, from there we went on to the wind tunnel and along the out skirts of Spring to the famous door in to MoD property. We then went along Brewer's Drift where you are meet by a wall stopping you getting in to Tunnel Quarry. Next stop was the stone stair case and then we finished the lap back to back door.

Thanks again to Rich, great day.

5/4/03: UUEG Day Trip

Toady's day trip was a total success and a great day out, thanks for to everyone who turned up especially Trevor (AKA-T) for organising the BBQ which was excellent, Dom J and Barry, it was great to meet you guys and Pop and Jason for your fun exploration style ways. Sixteen of us all meet up in the Browns Folly car park at 11 this morning and first of all had a look around Browns Folly Mine. After that we took a look around Farleigh Down Tunnel before heading back to Monkton Farleigh and having a BBQ in the District 20 surface building. After eating we had another stroll around Monkton Farleigh and looker at some of the surface features.

Excellent day, thanks to EVERYONE who showed up. Photos of the day will be online soon.

6/4/03: Nick McCamley At Waterstones

Local author and researcher Nick McCamley will give an illustrated talk in support of his new book "Saving Britain's Art Treasures" on the secret underground repository near Bath to house Britain's Art heritage during WWII.

6/7/03: Pipe Down In The Guardian

The Guardian printed an excellent article in their supplement 'The Guide' yesterday, a few UUEG members were interviewed and the journalist, Hugh Wilson wrote a really good piece about out hobby, why we do it and what we do.

22/8/03: Eastlays Quarry Visit

Thanks to Octavian for the tour of their underground wine warehouse today, it was an excellent trip and a really interesting day.

2/12/03: Location Details Removed

Due to increasing vandalism and the risk of injury resulting in legal action against land owners, all directions and locations of sites featured on have been removed. Information on finding these sites will now only be shared with trusted members of the Dark Places forum. If you would like any details please visit the forum, register a nickname and make yourself known to the current members.

19/1/04: The New Nettleden is back on line with a brand new look which I hope you like. The site should still be as easy as ever to navigate however all the information on the location pages is a bit more structured and uniform now. I have added 15 locations to the visits list. You may also notice that much of the location details are back on the site as well as entrance’s grid references where available this is due to the fact that Nettleden is an independent website which follows no rules or guidelines set out by other groups, websites or individuals.

Nettleden strongly believe that there is no relation between urban exploration websites and vandalism. If you have any comments or feedback on the new website (unless it’s based around location details, copyright infringement or the other usual boring topics) then please feel free to email me. Nettleden is here to promote the urban exploration scene, many of our readers have become hooked on the hobby thanks to this website and all we want to do is enjoy our hobby. We are here to explore not to bitch and moan. However if you do wish to bitch or moan there is now a dedicated complaints page you can use.

25/1/04: Feedback And Updates

Some great feedback on the new site, thanks for that and as of yet no bitching! So thanks for you moaning lot for keeping your mouths shut!

The biggest piece of feedback I've got is "where are the photos?", I wasn't going to host photos for the sites because I didn't think they would really be missed but as they are I am currently working on converting the photo pages to the new format, alphabetically I've worked my way through the visits list up to Brewers Yard Quarry so far. It's gunna take a while but the rest will come.

I've also been sent some information on Hayes Wood Quarry and Goodes Hill Quarry, thanks for that! So I have added the info to those pages. However I am still unsure about the access status at Goodes Hill Quarry, if you know if it's open or not then let me know via email.

23/11/04: Nettleden/Darkplace On BBC

There's another chance to here the BBC Radio 4 documentary featuring Steve from Nettleden (Higgypop) and Root from on Thursday 28th this week. The series called Subterranean Stories produced by Dylan Winters is on at 15:45 Tuesday to Friday this week.

If you miss the show which originally broadcast about six months ago, you can hear it on our media page.

15/1/05: Bethel Quarry

I've updated the Bethel Quarry page with a bit more history on the mine, I've also added a photo taken on UExUK James' recent visit to the mine - thanks James.

Happy New Year from Nettleden!

1/2/05: Sites Unseen

I have added a scan of an article in the Venue Magazine which featured this website, you can read it on the public relations page.

6/2/05: Burlington Bunker

I have added a Burlington page to the website, again due to demand from search engine results, I have tried to compile as much information from the internet about the site as possible and there is a bit list of links included for further reading.

22/3/05: BBC Wiltshire Online

I have updated the public relations page to include a link to an article on BBC Wiltshire Online's website. The article features's Steve Higgins as well as some great photo of underground Wiltshire, you can find the link on the public relations page.

1/8/06: We're Still Alive

Hi, it's been a while since anything has been added to the news page, well the site... but finally here's something new and exciting for you to get your teeth in to.

I've just added a page on wartime broadcasting. I've put this together following a release of some new information from the BBC about their broadcast plans following a nuclear attack on the UK. There are also details of the BBC's studio facilities in Burlington in this article.

18/12/08: Nettleden Has Changed

Hello and welcome to a brand new incarnation of! celebrates it's sixth birthday this year, so after six successful years in which has gone from strength to strength, I thought it was about time the site got a bit more modern. The new site offers everything it did before, that is, loads of information on bunkers, bases, tunnels and quarries in the South-West of England. In addition to that, you can now interact with our database of exploration venues. You can blog your trips, you can tag the venues you have explored, comment and find other explorers in your local area.

As this basically means, I am handing the site over to you, the site should grow and grow and very soon we'll be able to add to the list of venues and go far beyond the South-West of England. To take advantage of all that the new site has to offer you need to sign up. Of course registration is free and open to anyone. Once signed up you'll get your own profile page and you will be able to start interacting. Oh and don't worry, it's all secure and no one from outside the site will know where you've been exploring.

As the venues we list on the site are usually of some historic interest, we prefer not to give detailed list of directions on how to get there, please bare this in mind when you comment. Instead we offer a VIP membership service which allows you access to this information. If you are a serious Urban Explore who has been to various locations as a member of other websites, groups or organisations then it is free to upgrade your account. Alternatively, make some friends, get yourself know, prove you are worthy and you may soon find that one of your VIP friends has promoted you.

Well, I hope you like the new, I've put a lot of thought, research and time in to making it. I'd like to thank Jamescl for his help with the project, his given feedback throughout the whole process. The site has been about four months in development so far and at this stage it is really a beta site, I got a little impatient and pressure was growing to launch the site so here it is. But there are still two key features which aren't live on the site yet. Within the next few months you will be able to upload, share and tag your friends and venues in photos and videos as well as organise and promote urban exploration events.

For now, I hope you enjoy the site and find your way around OK. I'm sure you'll hear from me soon as more features come online. I look forward to receiving your feedback through the contact page.

Thanks for visiting, Steve AKA Higgypop (go on, add me as a friend!)

13/2/09: Monks Park Fire Audio

As you may well have heard, yesterday a fire broke out in Monks Park Quarry in Wiltshire. I was asked to speak to a couple of local radio stations who covered the story, I've added the audio to my corporate pages.

28/4/09: Tweaks And Tweets

As you know, Nettleden underwent a big revamp in December, thanks to all those of you who have signed up to the new website.

Since the revamp we've been watching and working on version 2 of the site. As users grow and interact more, the odd few bugs pop up. A couple of these were fixed yesterday:- - Trip reports now show on venue pages (if you are logged in). - The notification page has been fixed, a few little problems with that. We've also opened up a few more site features to non-registered users, we hope that this change will make it more obvious to passing visitors what the site does and encourage new sign ups.

Also, to get us out there on to the web and in people's faces a little more, we now have a Twitter feed which is automatically update with website and urbex news and users comments. Follow on Twitter - Version 2 of the website will offer photo galleries, events. It's a little wider to fit bigger monitors better and is a lot more spontaneous and means much less clicking around. It's a big task but fingers crossed the launch shouldn't be too far away.

6/5/09: Account Settings And Notifications

More news, a few more little tweaks and improvements.

The main one being commenting. You'll now notice that page comments look a lot better than they did before. If you are logged in to the site you can now comment on venues, articles, trip reports and explorer profiles. Commenting works exactly the same way for non-registered users, however if you're not signed in you won't be able to comment on trip reports or explorer profiles. You'll also find now that if you comment on a page (with the exception of explorer profiles) and another user comments on the page, you will get an email alert. This means you'll always know when people are talking about the venues that interested you. We intended to have this feature at launch and you may have noticed that the option to turn this feature on and off already exists on your settings page. Have a look to remind yourself which emails you will receive, there's a link to your settings from the home page. We've also added a few new security features and fixed a few bugs... but that's all a bit boring.

22/9/13: Welcome To The Brand New Nettleden!

We've made a few changes, we hope you like them.

As well as a swanky new look, we've also introduced a timeline. If you've been a member for a while, you can now look back through all your activity on your profile page.

If you're new to the website, mark some urban exploration venues as 'explored', add some exploration buddies and enjoy!

As things have changed a little, we've put together a guided tour of some of the new features to help you find your way around...

25/10/10: New Unfound Bunker In King Langley, Hertfordshire

Hi everyone, I have been trying to find a large circular bunker that my mother when down about 35 years ago as part of the ROC. She never new where it was due to being picked up from king langley Hertfordshire and driven in the back of van with no windows to the location. With in 5 mins of king langley.
I have found small roc bunker in a farmers field but this is very small. Any ideas????

Can any one help with its possible location. 1 source has implied that it was neat lost when they built the new a41 bypass going through King Langley.

20/3/15: Now You Can Add Urban Exploration Venues

For years I've always been a little protective of what venues are listed on Nettleden. I've tried to avoid misinformation and tried to keep the list of locations clean.

However, for about five years now you've been able to upload photo and that has drawn in more and more new visitors to the site as well as members.

So now, for the first time ever you can add a venue!

To maintain the quality of locations listed each submission will need to be approved before it goes live. The main reason for this is that I can't rely on people who create venues not copying and pasting text from other websites.

If you're adding a venue then you should be sharing your research, not adding someone else's without their permission.

I hope to see many of you using this feature and look forward to seeing even more of your photos as the website continues to grow.
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