Where Is Gay Marriage Legal?

August 17, 2013 4:05 PM

On Monday 15th July 2013 the House of Lords gave Third Reading to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. Subject to consideration of amendments in the House of Commons – a technicality, as the Bill made it through the Lords without any material amendments – the Bill will now receive Royal Assent and become law. Lesbian, gay and bisexual couples in England and Wales will be able to marry next spring 2014.

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Check out a full list of all other places around the world where same-sex marriage has been made legal.

Nationwide (15 Countries)

Argentina – (Since July 2010)
Belgium – (Since June 2003)
Brazil – (Since May 2013)
Canada – (Since July 2005)
Denmark – (Since June 2012)
France – (Since May 2013)
Finland – (Since March 2017)
Iceland – (Since June 2010)
Ireland – (Since November 2010)
Luxembourg – (Since January 2015)
Netherlands – (Since April 2001)
New Zealand – (Since August 2013)
Norway – (Since January 2009)
Portugal – (Since June 2010)
Spain – (Since July 2005)
South Africa – (Since November 2006)
Sweden – (Since May 2009)
United Kingdom – (Since March 2014)
United States – (Since June 2015)
Uruguay – (Since August 2013)
Vietnam – (Since January 2015)

Local Areas

Mexico City - (Since December 2009)
Quintana Roo – (Since April 2012)

Countries where gay marriage is currently being debated

Australia – In June 2013 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd declared his support for same-sex marriage 

Germany – In March 2013 a bill was passed to establish legal recognition of same-sex marriage. This requires a vote in Parliament, however, the ruling coalition is the same as when it was defeated previously in 2012.

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