Where To Get Higgypop's Potion Ingredients

March 27, 2017 8:23 AM ‐ Potions

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Potion Ingredients
People often ask me where I get the ingredients for my potions, so I've put together a list of the ingredients which are the most unusual and hardest to find with some details about how I obtained these strange substances.

20. Self-Playing Harp

Self-Playing Harp

Self-playing harps are cool little gadgets, simply tap the harp twice to make it play music, tap it again to make it stop. You can buy self-playing harps in magical musical stores like Sax & Violins.

19. Sovereign Worm's Plantet

Sovereign Worm Plantet

Plantet is a white, toffle like paste which is squeezed from the abdomen of male sovereign worms, usually by hand. Plantet is used in the production of forks and tarmac. While plantet is a semi-toxin, it is safe to consume in small quantities when mixed with a diluting agent such as water or whisky. The easiest way to obtain it is to catch a sovereign worm in marsh land and milk it yourself. You can buy it ready-squeezed but it is very expensive.

18. Pearly Peters & Sapphire McNuggets

Saphire McNuggets and Pearly Peters

These kurt-crystal semi-gems are found in the rainforests of south-east Norfolk, they are quite hard to find but luckily they're very powerful so you only need a small quantity.

17. Dandy Snap Nectar

Dandy Snap

The nectar is a magical green liquidette which can be obtained from a dandy snap. Just take the dandy snap, break it in half and pour out the liquid.

16. Unicorn's Blood

Unicorn's Blood

Unicorn's blood can be very hard to obtain, even if you do track down a unicorn, slaying one with result in you having to endure a cursed life.

15. Wookie Steak

Wookie Steak

Wookie Steak can also be very hard to get hold of, it's sold in some galactic outposts and by butchers here on Earth but not everywhere sells it as wookie steak can be a bit chewey.

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14. Ashwinder Egg

Ashwinder Eggs

Ashwinder eggs are small, red, eggloids, which come from the female ashwinder, a serpent which forms in the ashes of a magical fire. To encourage an ashwinder to lay an egg, you could try singing it a gentle song.

13. German Bat's Blood

German Bat's Blood

People often ask me where you can get German bat's blood, it's actually pretty simple. It comes from bats... in Germnay.

12. "Substance X"

Substance X

I've never been able to remember the name of this ingredient which I used in a memory potion video but if you need to get some, you can get it from a guy called Martin or John, or possibly Simon. Or was it Simone?

11. Kremps


Kremps can be found inside a ripened tindle plactor fruit, simply cut the fruit open and carefully pour the kremps out.

10. Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented spider eyes can be very hard to track down, I bought mine pickled in a jar from a boutique delicateness in the Chelsea area of London.

9. Dragon's Stomach

Dragon's Stomach

Dragons stomachs are a common ingredient but very hard to get hold of, it's usually just the stomachs of baby dragons that's used in potions making as harvesting the stomachs of fully grown dragons is extremely dangerous but even a baby dragon can give you a nasty bite. If you don't fancy hunting dragons yourself the only way to get hold of one is in the magic aisle of your local supermarket shop.

8. Protmasic Cell

Protmasic Cell

A promotmasic cells is a life creating proton nano-chromines which come in yellow or white, they don't occur naturally but can be made in the lab by alchemists, you might find your local alchemist selling promotmasic cells at your local wizarding market.

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7. Treckalow Worm

Treckalow Worm

Trekalow worms used in dark magic rituals, you can buy a whole worm from a specialist apothecary, they usually come in a glass tube pickled in double vinegar.

6. Mikuknell Fluid

Mikuknell Fluid

This ultra-red liquid metal is so red that it's sometimes referred to as "Simply Red," it can be bought in small bottles from florists who use the red liquid to dye rose to make the classic red rose as naturally rose can only be grown in a white shade.

5. Sinal Clump

Sinal Clump

A sinal clump is a compressed lump of sinal residue, you can make this at home using your own ingredients but it may take some time.

4. Exploding Candy

Exploding Candy

Exploding candy or exploding bon bon bon bons can be purchased wherever wizarding goods are sold such as Honeydukes or Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

3. Fools Gold

Fools Gold

Fools Gold or marti-pellow-biroxadine is a naturally occurring mineral, it can be dug up from the ground but unfortunately 98% of fools gold is currently owned by Donald Trump who believes it to be real gold, hence why the mineral is sometimes referred to as "Trump Funds."

2. Female Carticus Brain Stem

Female Carticus Brain Stem

A carticus is a large scaly bird which live in the volcanoes of the Asiatic continents, if you're brave enough to risk eruption you can capture a carticus and extract its brain stem.

1. Kelapine Heart

Kelapine Heart

A Kelapne is a semi-mythical sea mammal which grows up to two meters in length, however usually it is only the young which are hunted as they are yet to developed the barb shooting defence which adults possess. You can buy kelapine hearts in most supermarkets, although it won't be on the shelves but ask an assistant and they almost always have a few out the back for the right customer.


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