Who Is Whitney Wisconsin?

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NSFW: Warning, this post is unsuitable for younger readers.

We've all heard of the teens who have managed to amass hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views of their content through social media. Well that's exactly what Whitney Wisconsin has done but her content is strictly NSFW.

Whitney, who's real name is Amy Lew is a 19-year-old internet exhibitionist and camgirl who shot to fame online after posting content of an adult nature on Reddit.

Her postings have at times been controversial, have lead to her arrest and have earned her the label of "the nastiest girl on YouTube."
Whitney Wisconsin

The Nastiest Girl On YouTube Ever

Amy, who says she comes from a religious family, started posting clips and photos of herself on Reddit in a group called r/gonewild under the alias Whitney Wisconsin shortly after her 18th birthday in 2015.

Whitney was originally a "lurker" in the group but said she remembers thinking "I'm going to post there one day." When she finally turned 18, she posted a photo to the group, "I had never submitted any nude pics online before" adding "this is a whole new world for me."

Fearing hate and criticism, Whitney logged back in the next morning and was thrilled to see that people loved her post, so straight away she added two more posts, including a video which was shot with help from her best friend Anna.

In less than 24 hours that video, hosted on vid.me, received over 150k views.  Her first thought was that it was a fluke so she posted to the Reddit group again and achieved the same impressive numbers.

At this point Whitney upped her game and set up a Tumblr account, she hit 5k followers within four days, it went on to rack up over 50,000 before being shut down for terms violations.

When you're pulling in numbers like this, sooner or later someone is going to notice and it didn't take long. Someone who knew Whitney saw her on Reddit and told her parents.  Whitney says her parents weren't upset or mean but instead tried to give her advice, she said "they took it better than most of my friends did which is weird, my friends act like I'm Hitler or something."

The self-declared atheist says her dad is a deacon in a church and she's regularly at the receiving end of "you're going to hell if you don't do this" lectures.

So, with her new-found fame and having recently turned 18, Whitney decided it was time to move out of her parents' house and go it alone. She saved up her Subway pay cheques and made the break but says she feels her parents have cut her off since she's moved out.

While her parents may have cut her off, her friend Anna stuck by her side and Whitney has found support from her new-found fans, she says "I wake up now thinking I'm still dreaming. Thank you all for this week. It has made every other week on earth seem grey and dull.  You have embraced me more than my own family has."

Whitney has achieved over 2 million views on the video sharing platform vid.me, including clips of her "enjoying her own company" and more daring clips shot in public places. She also takes requests for custom clips which she sells to fans online.

Since her parents founded out about her online antics, Whitney said she no longer had any reason to censor herself and vowed not to hold back in her content, "the result is you will get me fully. Unleashed."
"I'm here to stay. I'm 18, I don't care if anyone finds out . Most girls leave because their parents find out, I'm not that girl."
Whitney Wisconsin

A Girl's Best Friend

Whitney Wisconsin with her dog

This is where this story gets a little bit odd, I'd like to take the opportunity to reinforce the NSFW warning. This next section is not safe for work or anywhere else.

It was back in March 2016 that Whitney was labeled "the nastiest girl on YouTube" and it was as the result of a video she posted on YouTube entitled, '10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs'.

The video was picked up by Leafy, a screamy gamer on YouTube who likes a bit of drama. He played Whitney's 10 reasons in his video and gave stunned feedback to his four-million-plus subscribers. The result was that Whitney and her animal loving ways went viral.

You may be thinking this is a joke but in the three-minute-long video, Whitney is deadly serious when she reels off facts like "you cannot get pregnant" and "you cannot get an STD."

But if this is real, why hasn't she been arrested? Well, it turns out that bestiality is actual legal in the part of the US where Whitney lives. That's right, there are actually states in the US where it's not legal to have sex with an animal.

I'm not going to post her '10 Reasons' video here but if you really want to see it you'll be able to find it on YouTube, you can also check out Leafy's video below. I think you'll realise after watching that this girl is totally serious and as nasty as her title suggests.

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Is Whitney Wisconsin Wanted By The Police?

Over the last month or so, there's been rumours circulating within the YouTube drama community including by Keemstar and Leafy, who say that Whitney is on the run and that there is a warrant out for her arrest.

Well, it seems Whitney was arrested in 2015. She was charged with two counts  of lewd and lascivious behaviour and three counts of disorderly conduct.

Whitney was due to appear in court in May 2015 but she failed to show up. According to local news reports, the police have been unable to track Whitney down since and have put up a warrant for her arrested.

Amazingly, Whitney hasn't landed herself in trouble due to the "pet loving," these charged actually relate to complaints the police received about videos made by her and her fiancé, Erio Oliver.

In one video, Whitney was seen touching herself in a sexual way and then asking unsuspecting male members of the public to smell her fingers, asking them if they liked her new "perfume."

The second video showed Whitney pleasuring herself in a fast food restaurant surrounded by customer who were unaware of what was happening.

Both the victims of Whitney's perfume prank and those caught in the background of her fast food video made complaints to the police and as a result Whitney and Oliver were identified through the videos and brought in for questioning.

Whitney told police in the initial interview that making the pornography was her idea and that Oliver filmed the videos and took custom video orders for which they both received payment.

Less than a month ago Whitney posted a video on her YouTube channel to address these claims, she says "I am not on the run, I'm not hiding from anybody. Yes, I have a warrant but they are misdemeanour. If I was wanted that badly, I'd be extradited to another state because law enforcement know where I live."

However, four months after posting the video in May 2017, news stories confirmed that Whitney had been arrested again at the request of the Eau Claire Police Department and was to be extradited to Wisconsin to face her charges.


Leafy is known for exposing the worst of the worst online, last year he made a video featuring the "most racist girl on the internet." It seems the YouTuber is a good judge of character, Whitney is disliked by the YouTube community for the her general behaviour, the sick content she creates and they way she treats animals.

Her videos have mostly been deleted because they were either uploaded to websites that don't allow adult content or because they feature illegal acts or images of the public who did not consent to filming.

Her Twitter account has been suspended due to terms of use violations and she's got through several Tumblr accounts, after a while each is shut down.

As well as calls to ban her social media accounts, there was even a change.org petition set up calling for the FBI to arrest Whitney for the way she treats animals. The petition called for 1,000 signatures but ended just 22 names short.

Leafy's Video On Whitney Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Whitney Wisconsin.

What is Whitney Wisconsin's real name?
Whitney's real name is Amy Lynn Lew.

How old is Whitney Wisconsin?
Whitney's date of birth is March 16th 1997, making her 20 this year.

Where does Whitney Wisconsin live?
Whitney moved out of her parents home in 2015 and as her alias suggests, she lives in the US state of Wisconsin. Her exact address isn't public information but it was once believed she lives in Delavan, although recent news reports on her arrest perhaps place her in Eau Claire.

Is Whitney Wisconsin on the run from the police?
No, Whitney is not on the run although she was charged with two misdemeanour counts of lewd and lascivious behaviour and three misdemeanour counts of disorderly conduct in 2015. According to reports, she was ordered to appear in court later that year but didn’t show up, she was re-arrested and extradited to Wisconsin in May 2017 to face her charges.

How/where can I watch Whitney Wisconsin's videos?
Whitney's less offensive videos can be found on her YouTube channel, however most of her adult videos although generally legal have been deleted as they violate the terms of use of the sites she was posting them on (e.g. vid.me, Tumblr and Twitter), the videos which lead to Whitney's 2015 arrest and any which feature an animal are illegal and are not available to watch online.

Does Whitney Wisconsin have Twitter?
No, here official Twitter account was originally @whitnywisconsin but that account has now been suspended.

Does Whitney have a website?
No, and even if she did, I wouldn't link to it here.
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