Zak Bagans Brings Fans New 'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' Book

November 09, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision
Zak Bagans - Ghost-Hunting For Dummies

Dive into the ghostly world of the supernatural with Zak Bagans

'Ghost Adventures' frontman Zak Bagans has told fans that they'll soon be able to get their hands on his third book, this time aimed at helping paranormal investigators who are new to the field.

If you're one of the countless fans of  Zak's top-rated show looking to track some spirits on your own, 'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' provides everything you need to know to conduct a successful paranormal investigation.

You'll need to first get past the grammatical error in the title - not a great start. The term "ghost hunting" shouldn't be hyphenated, unless you are saying "the ghost-hunting expert wrote a book", otherwise it's "the expert wrote a ghost hunting book".

'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' will be released in the US on December 5th and early next year here in the UK. The latest book in the learning for "dummies" series promises to take readers on an exciting journey into the supernatural world, outlining the history of ghost hunting, including true accounts and stories from Zak and his team's adventures.

The book tells beginners in the field how they can go from a hobbyist to a serious investigator of the supernatural, with first-hand accounts of the phenomenon you might encounter, based on Zak's own research into the spirit world - plus the potential dangers of investigating the unknown and how to deal with unwieldy ghosts.

Zak, who is already a best-selling author, announced the new book's release on Twitter, telling followers "thrilled to announce my 3rd book! I had the amazing opportunity to team-up with the world's bestselling reference brand to write the 'Ghost-Hunting' Guide @ForDummies."
The 448-page book, which is available to pre-order now, includes true accounts of ghost stories, fun facts, and exclusive photos. It also covers what every ghost hunters' toolkit should include, and how to set up cameras in order to conduct a successful investigation with the aim of authenticating hauntings and capturing evidence of ghosts.

'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' also explores America’s ten most haunted cities and towns, details the top ten most haunted places in the country and outlines ways to know if a house is haunted and what to do. The book is a must-read for fans of 'Ghost Adventures' and anyone interested in learning more about spirits and the supernatural.

Zak's wealth of paranormal knowledge comes from his time as the host and executive producer of the long-running paranormal reality show, 'Ghost Adventures', which currently airs on the Really channel here in the UK. He's also the founder of award-winning Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, a popular attraction that contains over 30 themed rooms and exhibits inside a historic mansion. The museum has been called "a truly amazing attraction" by Las Vegas Weekly.

Zak also produced and starred in the documentary 'Demon House', in which he investigated one of the most well-documented cases of demonic possession in American history. The film topped iTunes' documentary and horror charts.

'Ghost-Hunting For Dummies' is available to pre-order now and will be released in the UK on January 31, 2020.

Ghost-Hunting For Dummies

Paranormal investigator, star, and executive producer of The Travel Channel's hit series Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans takes you on an exciting journey into the supernatural world. If you're one of the countless fans of Ghost Adventures looking to track some spirits on your own, this book provides everything you need to know to conduct a successful paranormal investigation. Featuring true accounts and stories from Bagans's famous cases and investigations, this step-by-step guide shows you how today's investigators use the tools of modern science to study a wide range of paranormal activity.

Read true accounts of ghost stories
Find out fun facts and see exclusive photos
Understand why hauntings occur
Set up cameras
Deal with unwieldly ghosts
Conduct a successful investigation

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