£12 worth of beer for free from Beer52 Discount Code

Beer 52 £12 Case Discount Offer

Get £12 worth of free beer Beer52!

Beer52 Craft Beer Discovery Club offers the perfect online service if you’re a fan of beer. Every month they choose some fantastic beers, most of which you’ve never heard of, and deliver them to you. Right now you can get £12 off a £24 case of beer.

A normal, monthly case of 8 different beers costs £24, and comes with a snack and an in-depth magazine. Right now, using our sign-up link, you can get £12 off – so that’s half price beer!

Why we like Beer52

  • Beer52 work with a lot of smaller breweries and often send out exclusive, limited editions.
  • With beer, you can often end up ordering the same things again and again. Beer52 are scouring the world to find the greatest beers you might never normally come across – tough job, eh? 
  • The beer selection is great – a real mixed selection.
  • The website and online account system is quick and easy to use – need to cancel? No problem. You can build up points over time and use that to get more free beer!

Why we don’t like Beer52

If you’re used to buying crates of cheap beer from a supermarket, the cost can seem high. All we can say is have a go, try a case with the discount and see what you think. You don’t have to order from them again.

The craft beer market has exploded in the last few years. With thousands of different brewers churning out beers of all styles, flavours, and even colours, what should you try next?

You’re welcome to just try out one case, or sign-up to get a regular monthly case – the choice is yours.

We really enjoy trying out the different beers we get – as big fans of craft beer, there’s so much more to discover beyond BrewDog - give it a go.

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