£25 Free Gift Card With BT Mobile SIMs and Phones Discount Code

Bt Mobile Sims offer

Get £25 to spend with our BT Mobile Discount Code

Get a £25 gift card to spend on Amazon.co.uk when you join BT Mobile, that's on top of their standard generous cashback deals.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your mobile phone costs and enjoy fantastic, fast 4G coverage AND get an extra £25 to spend on what you like at amazon.co.uk, you’ve come to the right place – sign up here!

How it works
Click on the link – which takes you to the BT Mobile site.
Give your details and find the deal that’s right for you.
BT Mobile already includes many genres cash back deals and discounts, you'll get those too plus an extra £25 Amazon voucher on top!
Provided you stay with BT Mobile – we both get sent a £25 Amazon gift card. If you decide to cancel within 30 days– no problem!

My experience with BT Mobile

I have a SIM only deal with BT Mobile and have better coverage than my previous network, and also the speed of their network very impressive. This isn’t so surprising as it turns out BT own EE and their services therefore run on the same network.

Transfer from my previous network to BT Mobile was easy – I got a PAC code to transfer my number and BT did it all online with no hassle.

The website is easier to use than any other mobile network I’ve used, so you can manage account add-ons, billing, etc very easily.

You can easily set up things like spending caps to help you keep control on costs, both in the UK and if you travel abroad.

Extra ways to save with BT Mobile

As well as having very competitive rates, BT Mobile also has other ways you can save.

If you have BT Broadband at home, you get an extra £5 off your monthly bill. Got BT Broadband Plus? They’ll double the monthly data in your plan for free! So sign up for their cheap 6GB deal and get an extra 6GB for free!

Add two or more SIMs on the same plan and get further reductions – at the moment you get 20% off the cost of additional SIMs.

Extra cash rewards. BT Mobile often give away extra cash reward cards when you sign up with them. For example, at the moment, if you sign up for their 6GB SIM only deal, they give you a £50 Mastercard reward card – you could put that towards a new handset, for example.

On SIM only plans, if it turns out you’re not using all your data, you can easily move to the next plan down to save your money.

Want to give BT Mobile a go?
Check out the costs of their plans and sign up for your £25 gift card here on the BT Mobile site.

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