Free SIM Card - UK Calls & 200MB Data Discount Code


100% Free Mobile Phone & High Speed Internet Service

• Free SIM plans include talk, text and data
• Super cheap prices on upgrade plans
• 90 day warranty
• Available on all iOS and Android Devices
• Use your same phone number on any of your devices including tablets
• Easy to get started, simply slide in SIM, download the app and get free service

No Contracts. No Gimmicks. No Hassles

Order your FREE SIM card now and get:
• Unlimited minute
• Unlimited  texts
• 200MB of data

FreedomPop's high speed data is powered by Three's 4G and 3G network, benefit from 200MB every month for free but if you order now you'll get a month's free trial of FreedomPop's premium account giving you a massive 2.25GB of data.

When you order you'll be sent a standard, micro and nano FreedomPop SIM with is compatible with all smart phones.

Simple insert your FreedomPop SIM card into any unlocked Android or iPhone and get free service every month.

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