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Waft - Design your own personalised perfume

Design Your Own Personalised Fragrance

It's time to think differently about your scent. Enter the WaftLab and discover the perfect fragrances to accessorise each of your moods and moments. Waft's Fragrance Artists will analyse your favourite moods, scents, and social activities to design a custom fragrance just for you.

Waft's revolutionary method of selecting fragrance by personality and mood is disrupting the industry. Their exclusive layering method allows you to do just that by empowering you to mix and match different custom fragrances. Waft's product is world-class with only the finest, quality ingredients uniquely tailored to deliver Personalised Perfume: For her. For him. For you.
Waft - Custom Perfume

For Him, For Her, For You

You get to customise not only the fragrance but also the label. So after deciding on the choice of fragrance, you get to personalised your very own message on the bottle and it includes a few selections of design.

It's perfect if your giving the fragrance as a gift as you can include a custom message to a loved one, out just brand the bottle with your own name, giving you the chance to have your own fragrance like the hundreds of celebrities with their own brands or aftershaves and perfumes.

Of course, buying a scent online you might be thinking "what if I don't like it?" Well, I have to say I loved my creation which I simply called "Higgypop."

But, there is a risk that your concoction might not smell exactly how you expected. If this is the case you can just send it back to Waft thanks to their no questions asked returns policy.

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