Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast

Clinton Baptiste
Clinton Baptiste invites us to pull back our spiritual curtains and probe the dark void of the universe, as he brings us a dose of supernatural entertainment. Clinton's paranormal podcast will take "you further than any other spiritual podcast, join me as we probe our souls."

The podcast usually kicks off with Clinton's messages from the celestial realm. This included an emotional message for normal listeners like Gerry and Diane Renshaw on the Isle of Wight. Clinton tells them, "grandad says 'you're a soppy sod, stop fiddling around in the garage, don't pull it or the head'll come off'."

For the rest of the podcast, Clinton usually givers listener an impressive display of his psychic abilities, as well as interview with leading members of the spiritual and occult communities, including regular appearances from his friend Ramone, a clairvoyant with extraordinary powers who's a bit of a legend in paranormal circles as a psychic to the stars.


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