Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast Episode 5 - Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast

December 25, 2018

Clinton is constantly in demand from intellectuals and posh scientific academics and that, so it’s no surprise that a PHD student wants to grill him on his extraordinary skills. What a shame she then appears to doubt him when he’s given up his time. 
Next, our international globe-trotting clairvoyant expands his horizons with a trip to South American to meet a shaman priest no less, where our super psychic smokes a strong vine leaf roll up to send him into a paranormal trance!
Finally, we get a glimpse of the sort of narrow-mindedness that has blighted Clinton’s professional career. Disgusting.
With Alex Lowe, Sarah Thom, Lewis Macleod, Ted Robbins and Jack Kirwan.

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