Road Trip: Haunted Norfolk - Knock Once For Yes

September 24, 2020

It has been one heck of a month with life continuing to throw obstacles in our path as if that which shall not be named wasn’t enough! Fortunately the UK, whilst still warm, is no longer as hot as the sun and we finally managed to sneak out of the house and visit some spooky locations to tell you all about. Well, mostly for Lil to tell you all about as I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and leaving the house at 3 in the morning to drive to the seaside in time to watch the sunrise was a bit much for me. I had to take an impromptu nap in the KOFYmobile to recover a bit and so I missed one of the locations! It was a pretty nail-biting race to the coast too as we literally made it just at the sun was cresting the horizon.

This episode, we have a story about the ghost of a grumpy chef in Gloucester on the paranormal radar, we have listeners stories from Ren, Carly, Janet & Nula and we catch the sunrise at the coast, check out a haunted wood and visit a haunted castle for a paranormal postcard from Norfolk.

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