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Always interesting and often hilarious, join hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy as they investigate the latest in futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.


  • 24.17 – MU Podcast – James Fox

    October 23, 2020

    Film director James Fox joins us this week to discuss his explosive new documentary that is making waves across the world with its credible examination of the UFO mystery. The film features shocking...

  • 24.16 – MU Podcast – Saint Germain’s Warning

    October 16, 2020

    Who was the enigma of a man known as Count Saint Germain? Reaching the highest levels of the aristocracy throughout Europe this mysterious character seemed to be charting a course in fate and to As...

  • 24.15 – MU Podcast – Sex Zombie

    October 9, 2020

    Many would consider the idea that a drug could zombify somebody and turn them into a willing participant in their own robbery to be Hollywood fiction. However, that is exactly what has been around a...

  • 24.14 – MU Podcast – Laura Krantz

    October 2, 2020

    Laura Krantz joins us to discuss her thrilling new podcast series “Wild Thing: Space Invaders” which dives into the very outer edges of scientific exploration. We cover the secret UFO of...

  • 24.13 – MU Podcast – The Lantern Moustache

    September 25, 2020

    Nature is a mysterious entity and as much as we think we have a grasp on it there are still so many incidents of unexplained natural phenomena that cross into the realm of the supernatural. For this...

  • 24.12 – MU Podcast – The Folly of Mushroom Wisdom

    September 18, 2020

    We take another bizarre trip through the realms of panpsychism and mushroom madness on this episode that has a slightly suspicious MK-Ultra twist. We then change gears with tales of Joplin’s which...

  • 24.11 – MU Podcast – The Great Coptic Con

    September 11, 2020

    In 2012 a Harvard professor shook the world of Christianity by announcing an ancient papyrus she claimed was proof that Jesus had taken Mary Magdalene as his wife. If the item was genuine it would a...

  • 24.10 – MU Podcast – Jetpack Cover-Up

    September 4, 2020

    Social media stunt or something more exotic? A mystery person was seen flying a jetpack in a busy LAX flightpath and the incident seems to be more than meets the eye. With weird ballon explanations...

  • 24.09 – MU Podcast – The Premonitions Bureau

    August 28, 2020

    Could dreams allow us to access the unlimited power of our unconscious mind? On this episode we discuss some of the most recent developments in dream research and hear of the sudden boom in dream to...

  • 24.08 – MU Podcast – Thoughtform Guardian

    August 21, 2020

    If you were to consider that an ancient civilisation possessed advanced technologies, images of sophisticated electronics and materially based objects may come to mind. It is less often that we the...

  • 24.07 – MU Podcast – Psychic Cheese Download

    August 14, 2020

    Breakaway groups with advanced technology, UFOs, Bigfoot, drones, interdimensional entities; the old west had it all. We take a look at some of the strangest unexplained encounters to come out of of...

  • 24.06 – MU Podcast – Cuckamaton

    August 7, 2020

    With each step forward in technology we think we are on the cutting edge of history, but is that really true? On this episode we discuss stories of incredible lost technologies that we developed in...

  • 24.05 – MU Podcast – Assassin’s Mace

    July 31, 2020

    Despite having a feared reputation, could the US Military be at risk of being rapidly overwhelmed by a foreign enemy? On this warfare technology themed episode we discuss secret satellite wars, and...

  • 24.04 – MU Podcast – Takata Reaction

    July 24, 2020

    The belief in science plays a crucial role in our modern society but what if that science is flawed? On this episode the discuss some of the most disturbing faked scientific findings and the trusted...

  • 24.03 – MU Podcast – Tomb 55

    July 17, 2020

    This week we go raiding the mysterious Tomb 55 and uncover a Mummy that raises questions about a unique period of Egyptian history. We then start calculating the grand cycles of time to figure out a...

  • 24.02 – MU Podcast – Rocket Face

    July 10, 2020

    For anyone new to the world of ufology, the “nuts and bolts” explanation comfortably describes it. However when you start to unravel the myriad of encounters you discover the bizarre the...

  • 24.01 – MU Podcast – The Warrior’s Tale

    July 3, 2020

    Join us on the first episode of a new season of Mysterious Universe as we discuss the tale of a retired Navy Seal and his interactions with the dark forces behind the global elite. According to the...

  • 23.24 – MU Podcast – Tibetan Zombie

    June 19, 2020

    Encounters with unrecognised abilities such as telepathy, precognition and subtle energy are more common than many of us realise. While interpreted in different ways by different cultures, the core...

  • 23.23 – MU Podcast – Saber Tooth Tiger King

    June 12, 2020

    Life in pioneer times was hard enough without encounters with surviving saurians, giant prehistoric armadillos, mastodons, cave bears, and a bevy of other prehistoric monsters. Yet that is exactly a...

  • 23.22 – MU Podcast – KGB Time Cops

    June 5, 2020

    Could secretive government agencies contain even more secretive hidden factions tasked with intercepting time travellers? On this episode we discuss some wild time travel stories from Soviet Russia...

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