Spirit Talk February 2019 - Spirit Talk

March 06, 2019

Spirit Talk February 2019
Para-Cymatics, slips in Time, Waves, Consciousness and UFOs. What do all these things have in common?
Joshua P. Warren joins us and shares a mind bending conversation that will get you thinking about reality and various possibilities of time and space.
Mr. Warren has spent most of his life hunting and researching ghosts. He has led expeditions in search of mysterious lights and apparitions, worked with numerous scholars, investigated UFO claims and theories regarding their existence and travel, appeared on numerous TV shows and documentaries, published numerous books including Alone in a haunted house, Haunted Ashville, and Use the Force: A jedi’s guide to the law of attraction.
He runs the Haunted Ashville Ghost Tours and has a lab in Nevada where he continues his research into alternate and clean energy as well as dimensional experiments involving time, para-cymatics, radionics and the mind-body-environment relationship.
We are glad to have him on this episode, where two minds come together and discuss not only their experiences but the possibilities that exist in-between what we know of time, space and what we think is reality.
Website: http://www.joshuapwarren.com/home.html
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