Spirit Talk February 2020 – Past Lives and Alternate Realities w Chris Fleming - Spirit Talk

February 28, 2020

Spirit Talk February 2020
Chris Fleming, host of Spirit Talk, discusses and shares his Soul experiences with hypnotic regression and past lives, along with his incredible quantum slips into alternate realities and their connections to Deja Vu. What was it like to have a past life during the time of the Sumerians and in the Roman Era? What spiritual and emotional connections did they play in this life? If you have been wondering about past lives and if they can affect your current life, then this podcast and Chris’s retelling of his experiences will open your soul towards a greater understanding that we have many lives.
Chris Fleming is a paranormal investigator, medium, artist and spiritual consultant who has been experiencing paranormal phenomena since his early childhood. When not investigating or counseling clients, He travels across the country speaking at colleges, universities and conventions about his knowledge about spirits, the afterlife, and higher consciousness.
Website: christopherfleming.com
You Tube: ChrisFlemingParanormal
Ghost Outlet: Ghost Equipment Store
Twitter: chrisfleming91
Facebook: Public FB Page
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