Spirit Talk January 2019 - Spirit Talk

March 02, 2019

Spirit Talk January 2019
What happens when the universe makes contact with you at the early childhood ages of 1.5 – 4 years old? Making friends with ghosts, and changing the future by saving your sisters life?
Spirit Talk with Chris Fleming Returns! Kicking off all brand new episodes in Volume 2.
In this premier episode Chris starts off with a welcoming introduction for new listeners and returning subscribers and answers the top three questions he gets asked most frequently on the radio, at lectures and via social media.
When did he first experience the paranormal?
When did he first see a ghost?
and How did he first know he was psychic?
Chris opens up and takes you back to his early childhood to reveal a paranormal beginning that led him on a paranormal path for 50 years! He continues this passion today in sharing, pursuing and uncovering more answers to educate and help people better understand the spirit world and beyond!
Website: www.ChristopherFleming.com
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