Spirit Talk March 2019 - Spirit Talk

March 13, 2019

Spirit Talk March 2019
What are angel cards and and how can we open up to receive signs and healing messages from beyond?
Christine Alexandria joins us this month to discuss her Angel Chatter Cards, how they came to be and the various ways universal signs/messages from beyond that can occur. Sit back and tune in to our interesting stories and helpful advice in how you can open up and recognize your own higher intuition.
Christine is the co-creator of Angel Chatter and has an exclusive product line filled with products such as Angel Chatter Oracle Cards, sacred aromatherapy, jewelry, crystal sceptres and much more. Her latest book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance was born through the insistence of clients and now students and is the base of the Angel Chatter Authorization Course; an eight month online program that is offered annually.
Her empathic gifts help Christine to tap into the unknown or better said, unseen. Not only to detect earth bound spirits, but angels, faeries, but to better help her clients and students understand the world around them. It’s a rare day that some sort of magic doesn’t present itself, especially while she walks in the woods near her home in Virginia.
Website: http://AngelChatter.com/
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