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October 18, 2019

Spirit Talk October 2019
We live in a weird world, who better to converse with in October about the paranormal and the odd then investigator John E.L. Tenney
On this episode Mr.Tenney shares some intriguing stories involving Vintage Paranormal TV, Ghosts, observing strange phenomena and the appearance of an Elf.
John has been actively involved in the field of anoma-listic, conspira-torial, occult and paranormal research for three decades and over the past 29 years, more than 80,000 people have attended one of his signature “Weird Lectures.”
His columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to around the world to public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs.
The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television worldwide. John has created the podcasts “Reel Lost” and “Realm of the Weird”. Due to his extended time involved in anomalistic research he has acted as a consultant for companies including NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest and Wall Street Journal.
Over the last 27 years he has worked and appeared on numerous television shows including Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Very Scary Stories, Paranormal State: The New Class, Ghost Stalkers and Paranormal Lockdown.
Website: www.WeirdLectures.com
Amazon: Books by John E.L. Tenney
Twitter: JohnELTenney
Instagram: JohnELTenney
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