The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

British broadcaster Howard Hughes presented his show on ghosts, the paranormal and conspiracies every Sunday evening at 10pm, but the show is also available as a weekly podcast. As well as covering off the biggest stories from the paranormal world from the last seven days, he's also interviews a different guest about their involvement in the paranormal each week.


  • Edition 440 - Kevin D Randle

    April 6, 2020

    Long-time UFO researcher Kevin D Randle on Project Blue Book and the many investigations and coverups of the UFO phenomenon...

  • Edition 439 - Paul Hellyer

    April 1, 2020

    The views expressed in this edition are purely those of Paul Hellyer - ex Canadian Defence Minister - who believes aliens are real, there is a cabal ruling us all and we need to save humanity...

  • Episode 438 - Geoff Schumacher

    March 29, 2020

    Journalist/researcher Geoff Schumacher in Las Vegas with the inside story on the amazing but strangely reclusive US billionaire Howard Hughes - the man whose name I've proudly carried all my...

  • Edition 437 - Rebecca Campbell

    March 28, 2020

    This time, Rebecca Campbell - an Aussie who who quit as an advertising exec and now lives in Glastonbury - we talk about her new book and card deck - the Starseed Oracle... you may think it's...

  • Special - COVID19

    March 23, 2020

    An update on Coronavirus - medical, technical and financial - thanks to talkRADIO for use of my interviews...

  • Edition 436 - Mike Ricksecker

    March 23, 2020

    Author, broadcaster and "ghostorian" Mike Ricksecker on"the Alaska Triangle" and shadow people...

  • Edition 435 - Gerrard Williams

    March 15, 2020

    Another conversation with journalist/author Gerrard Williams on his latest work suggesting Hitler escaped and the Nazis ran a covert network out of South America... .

  • Special - Paul Sinclair Update

    March 13, 2020

    Special Edition - This is "Truth Proof's" Paul Sinclair's latest appearance on my radio show - as broadcast on Sunday March 8th... with more strangeness from East Yorkshire...

  • Edition 434 - Linda Godfrey

    March 7, 2020

    Cryptozoology expert Linda Godfrey joins us from Wisconsin to talk about her decades of research into big cats, werewolves, Bigfoot and much more...

  • Edition 433 - Diane Tessman

    March 1, 2020

    Author, researcher and "experiencer" Diane Tessman who thinks "ET" may really be evolved humans from a future time...

  • Edition 432 - John Hanson

    February 22, 2020

    A welcome return to prolific UFO author John Hanson - based in the English Midlands and the man behind more than a dozen fascinating"Haunted Skies" books and some exciting new research...

  • Special Edition - What's This New Repeating Space Signal?

    February 16, 2020

    Special Edition SETI's Seth Shostak on the latest Fast Radio Burst that's baffling science...

  • Edition 431 - Dr Patricia Ann Straat

    February 16, 2020

    The remarkable Dr Patricia Ann Straat - now aged 84 - who was part of the Viking Lander team's amazing and controversial "life on Mars" mission - the "Labeled Release...

  • Edition 430 - Phillip Jackson

    February 8, 2020

    Phillip Jackso... British man living in Japan - has strange tales of the ghosts and spirits of the ancient city of Kyoto...

  • Edition 429 - Maria Wheatley

    February 1, 2020

    Maria Wheatley is an accomplished dowser and expert on ancient sites - we talk about Avebury, Stonehenge and many more...

  • Edition 428 - Anthony Peake

    January 24, 2020

    A catchup with British writer, speaker and thinker Anthony Peake - author of "The Hidden Universe"...

  • Edition 427 - Marcus Chown

    January 18, 2020

    A new conversation with "urban scientist" Marcus Chown and some untold stories about "the magic of science" and the people behind the biggest discoveries, taken from his new book...

  • Edition 426 - Kyle Gray - Angel Numbers

    January 11, 2020

    Kyle Gray in Glasgow is known worldwide for his work with Angels, "Angel Cards" and "Angel Numbers...

  • Edition 425 - Paul Sinclair

    January 1, 2020

    An exclusive New Year Special with Paul Sinclair - and an update on his excellent Truth Proof research about weird happenings in East Yorkshire...

  • New Year Message 2020

    December 31, 2019

    Sending you best wishes for 2020!

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