Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floats

Obviously, this big guy is the center of the pool party. It will surprise her child or friend.

Large inflatable pool is the ultimate accessory! Beautiful enough space to relax.
It is ideal for children, adolescents and adults working in a family party or having a lot of fun time.
provide a large area, you can put it on and relax in the sun or sit down and ride with family or friends!
Two in the pool standing on this bright white and rainbow, because the fun of the sun is great!
Floating pool has a large area, so you can not only better than relax or enjoy the sun, but also relax and ride with friends!

This is not a rescue device, they are left in the course of the use of the child unattended, only in the water only used in the eligible adult use where the child is within its depth and under the supervision of adults.

Do not use high pressure air
Do not inflate more than 80%
Do not enter a sharp object or near a fire.

Package includes:
1*inflatable floating row (no inflatable pump)

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Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floats, Outdoor Swimming Pool Inflatable Float Toy for Adults & Kids

Large, colourful, unicorn-shaped pool float designed to hold two people, suitable for children, adult pool party, and even on the beach. Made from a soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material with matt finish and rapid valves for more than 5x faster inflation and deflation.

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