Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

A five and a half inch long inflatable unicorn horn designed specifically for your feline friend to wear. The horn is made from a vinyl material and features a four-point elastic strap.


Inflatable Unicorn Horns in white. 2 different sizes Ò€" large and small.\ \ Dimensions: Big horn: approx. 28cm long, Small horn: approx. 13cm long Features: Fixation via rubber band

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Dress up your cat with this fun Unicorn horn!

Someone once famously said "everything than can be invented has been invented" clearly they were wrong as this novelty inflatable unicorn for cats is the pinnacle of human creations.

Cats go wild for this 14cm long inflatable horn, owners have said their cats fight each other until one is victorious in battle and comes away wearing the horn.

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