Complete List Of Secret Bunkers

  • Combe Down Tunnel

    Combe Down Tunnel

    Combe Down, Somerset
    Full Access

    A mile long railway tunnel on the Bath extension line of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, which ran between Midford and Bath Queen Square until 1966.

  • Command and Control Centre's bunker entrance.

    Command & Control Centre (CCC)

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    One of the UK's best kept secrets, CCC is an active government bunker located at Peel Circus in Corsham, above ground the site consists of nothing more than a doorway in to a mound of earth, obscured from public view by a ring of trees and vegetation.

  • Copenacre Quarry

    Copenacre Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    Originally an average sized Bath stone quarry, later put in to use as a Royal Navy store making use of an area of land beside the A4 owned by the Hartham Estate, it remained it operation until the mid 90s, it's now sealed and abandoned.

  • The new MOD Corsham buildings mid-construction.

    Corsham Quarries

    The quarries in and around Corsham are a fascinating network of not only abandoned stone mines, but also underground wartime factories and ammunition stores, Cold War nuclear hideaways and current-day active military bunkers.

  • Wiltshire Countryside Fields

    Dapstone Quarry

    Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire
    No Access

    Dapston Quarry is a small and long forgotten quarry beneath Farleigh Down.

  • The former entrance to Down Street Station, now an emergency access route to the Piccadilly Line.

    Down Street Station

    Piccadilly, London
    No Access

    Down Street is a London Underground station between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park on the Piccadilly line, it was closed in 1932 and later used as an air raid shelter.

  • A cross-sectional tunnel at between main corridor two and three.

    Drakelow Tunnels

    Kidderminster, Worcestershire
    Limited Access

    The tunnels were originally excavated to house the Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory where Rover produced aircraft parts for the Air Ministry, after the Second World War it was refitted and put on standby during the Cold War as a bunker for the local government. Today it is an airsoft venue and popular with ghost hunters.

  • A train loaded with stock at the bottom of the slope shaft.

    Eastlays Quarry

    Gastard, Wiltshire
    No Access

    Eastlays Quarry has been used since 1988 for secure, controlled wine storage. Handling over four million cases of wine a year, Octavian has the capacity at the Eastlay cellars to store over 800,000 cases in ideal conditions, 90 feet underground, constant year round temperatures, absence of ultra violet light, no vibration and full humidity control.

  • Elm Park Quarry

    Elm Park Quarry

    Gastard, Wiltshire
    No Access

    A fairly small quarry which was never heavily converted although acquired by the war department for storage, it is now back in use as a Bath stone quarry.

  • Farleigh Down Tunnel

    Farleigh Down Tunnel

    Ashley, Wiltshire
    Full Access

    Farleigh Down is a tunnel connecting the Monkton Farleigh ammunition depot with the main line railway at Ashley. The tunnel is over a mile long and straight. A conveyor belt was used to move the ammunition underground between the top of the hill and the main line. The tunnel is so shallow in some places that it can be seen from across the valley as a strip of dry uncultivated grass.

  • Fort Gilkicker

    Fort Gilkicker

    Gosport, Hampshire
    No Access

    Fort Gilkicker is an abandoned 1800's military fort on the South coast of England. Parts of the main building are very unsteady and fragile so watch your step, the gun armaments are pretty damp and rotten. Over the years vandals have trashed much of the place but it's well worth a visit.

  • Iron Monger

    Fussells Old Iron Works

    Mells, Somerset
    Limited Access

    Old Iron Works, originally known as Fussells' Lower Works is an abandoned iron works, comprising mostly of roofless stone building shells, some still with the metal beams or stairs intact. Some of the old works still remains such as old furnaces.

  • Goodes Hill Mine

    Goodes Hill Mine

    Gastard, Wiltshire
    No Access

    This mine lies to the east of Eastlays, it is on the opposite side of the Gastard to Whitley road. It is a very small mine, similar in size to Hollybush with one slope shaft.

  • Graham's Grovel

    Graham's Grovel

    Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire
    Full Access

    An old stone quarry haulage way running from the converted ammunition depot of area of Monkton Farleigh through to the old abandoned stone workings of Browns Folly Mine.

  • Greenham Common Silos & Bunkers

    Greenham Common Silos & Bunkers

    Greenham Common, Newbury, Berkshire
    Full Access

    Former cruise missile launch site and Cold War airfield.

  • Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

    Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

    Nantwich, Cheshire
    Full Access

    Located in Cheshire, the first role of this former-secret site was during the Second World War, its role was to act as a decoy and confuse German bombers looking for a railway junction, crucial to the military's logistics plans in Crewe.

  • Hallen Fuel Depot

    Hallen Fuel Depot

    Avonmouth, Bristol
    No Access

    A cluster of huge underground fuel tanks, built to store fuel stocks in WW2 serving the Avonmouth to London pipeline with aviation fuel, an HAA site was set up to protect the fuel reserve.

  • Hallen ROC Post

    Hallen ROC Post

    Hallen, Bristol
    No Access

    On top of a hill over looking the Severn off of Hallen Road to the East, North of the M5.

  • HMS Royal Arthur

    HMS Royal Arthur

    Corsham, Wiltshire
    No Access

    HMS Royal Arthur moved from Skegness to Corsham, it was a naval training school for new recruits.

  • Goodes Hill Mine

    Hollybush Mine

    Neston, Wiltshire
    Full Access

    Hollybush is a small, single entrance quarry situated south of Wadswick Lane nearer Neston than Wadswick, the reason the quarry is so small is because it was found that the stone quality was poor.

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