20 More Of The Weirdest Potion Ingredients

February 01, 2018 11:17 PM
From time to time I have to use some pretty strange ingredients to make my potions. So, in this video I'm going to show you twenty of the weirdest potion ingredients I've managed to get my hands on. Everything from deadly nightshade to sodium acronym, not to mention fortified dragon's blood.

1. Bumcivilian Tectarine
This is Bumcivilian Tectarine. This blue coloured liquid is made from the brain juices of some of the most noble and confident wizards who ever lives. I used it to make a confidence potion and was able to pour a whole bottle into a tiny chalice which had been charmed to act as a bottomless infinity chalice.

2. Thunder Slug
This slimy little creature is pretty hard to pick up. It's called a thunder slug, I used it in a potion a couple of years ago to give me the power of lightening.

3. Fortified Dragon's Blood
This next ingredient is easy to find, it's called fortified dragon's blood. You can buy this in most supermarkets in the mythical creatures aisle. I used it to make a sleeping potion.

4. Purpertal
When I was brewing a potion to allow me to speed up time, I used a very strange ingredient called purpertal. It comes in the form of a ball but as you warm it up in your hand it melts and becomes a glortinas goo.

5. Murtlap Spikes
This ingredient can be quite hard to get, murtlap spikes. They look like the spikes of an anemone but they actually come from the back of a murtlap. I used them to brew some felix felicis, a good luck potion. I only needed one of the fleshy spikes, so I chopped it up into small pieces with a knife before adding the chopped murtlap spikes into my cauldron.

6. Deadly Nightshade Petals
This next ingredient is pretty dangerous, it comes from the deadly nightshade plant. I only needed the petals, they can usually be bought dried but need to be crushed into a fine powder using a pestle and mortar. The deadly night shade is highly poisonous which is why I used this ingredient in a killing curse potion.

7. Toadstool
I used this toadstool in a zombie potion. Some fungi is known to contain parasitic spores which activate zombie-like behaviour.

8. Plutovium
I also used this ingredient in my zombie potion, a radioactive fuel rod. This radioactive source brought the potion to life and activated it. Once it started to react with the other ingredients an intense radioactive glow could be seen coming out of the cauldron.

9. Boomerang Tree Bark
When I was making a potion for Australia Day to summon a kangaroo, I used some boomerang tree bark. It comes from a tree which is native to Australia and is usually used to make on of the country's most loved toys, the actual boomerang.

10. Clave Capsule
When I was brewing a truth serum I used a clave capsule. I already had point two of a third of natural water in the flask. There's also some some grandmother oil mixed in. I used the purest grandmother oil I could find, extracted from the finest Norwegian grandmothers. There's also a couple of drops of beesons brewerick in the flask. Notice how once the clave capsule is dropped in, it starts to mafipulate through the liquid, a violent process know as anti-dechristophercation is taking place. This is perfectly normal, although you should stand well back in case of re-christophercation which can result in an explosion.

11. Milk
When I was making a potion to turned female girl ladies into male boy men, I use some milk. I milked some fresh milk into the cauldron from the milk pipe on the underside of a cow.

12. Pickled Coadees
I recently made a potion to change the colour of your eyes, I had to use two pickled coadees. This mystical ingredient focusses magical energy on your eye holes to help with the colour change process.

13. Nesset Blood
I used half a cubert of nesset blood when I was making a potion to give me a resistance to firey flame.

14. Sodium Acronym
When I made a potion that allowed me to control water and even spray it out of my hand, I used a special type of liquid to brew it called sodium acronym. It's a yellowish hydrosporun which is said to be ultra wet.

15. Gillyweed
I made a potion to give me the power to breath underwater and the key ingredient was gillyweed.

16. Witchetty Grubs
Another Australian ingredient now, these nasty looking creatures are witchetty grubs. They're a austrawormanoid which are found in Australian forests. I used them in my potion to summon a kangaroo.

17. Flaxwing Hawk Hearts
When I made a potion to form a dragon's egg, I used the heart of two flaxwing hawks. They may look delicious but don't be tempted to eat these as they taste like gak.

18. Petrified Snowflakes
When I was making an ice power potion, I need exactly 387 petrified snowflakes. Luckily I had exactly that amount left in this bottle that my friend Amy got me for Christmas.

19. Rustican Barbntium
I've used this ingredient a few times, it's called rustican barbntium. I most recently used it in a potion to give you x-ray vision. I used the type that comes in a jar, preserved in a natural bile.

20. Crocodile Tongues
I made a potion to grow a giant peach and to brew it I used some magical green crocodile tongues. These had been boiled in the skull of a dead witch for twenty days and twenty nights. This ingredient proved to be a bit tricky to get out of the jar.

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