Alone With Demons In Terrifying Haunted Casino - Abandoned & Afraid

November 01, 2021 10:01 AM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Twin Paranormal in November 2021.

Reno River Inn
The River Inn is a location that has been steeped in history for well over 100 years. Starting its journey as a family home that would explode into a getaway for Renos elite after the discovery of a hot spring beneath the property that fed the Truckee river. In the early 1900’s the site would be called Lawton’s Hot Springs and would expand into a full resort and spa, used by those looking to divorce their partners during a time when divorce was uncommon and Reno became the divorce capital of the US. It would remain this way for the next few decades until the boom in gambling hit the state of Nevada. Throughout the 1950’s well into the 1970’s this would spark an era of darkness, secrecy, and stories left untold to this day. From what we could gather, this time would lead to business dealings with the mob and Renos infamous Joe Conforte… money would change hands and problems or even people who endangered the newer hotel and casino would seemed to just disappear. We have heard tales of the mob using this out of the way and relatively hidden place to dispose of bodies, two ladies of the night that were murdered in the old private spa building ( which is now torn down ) even the more natural deaths of a grounds keeper and another unnamed man. Everything that went on here was kept hidden so well that no information of this time period at the River Inn even exists. After its decline during the 1980’s someone would run off with a huge sum of money and someone would end up in prison and their partners swore to keep the property safe until their return. Something the never happened. This place would remain boarded up and heavily guarded for over 40 years. Until recently it was given a new lease on life and the new owner Lawrence seeks to rebuild this place and begin a new story for his family and the community. We reached out to them and were invited out to see if we could learn a little bit more from those who never left this place. After a decade of trying we are finally here and we are finally going inside for what may be one of our most terrifying, yet greatest nights and evidence ever caught on camera. This is the River Inn, and this is what we found hidden inside.

About Twin Paranormal

Ryan and River are twins who say they've always had something fallowing them. It all started in Reno NV when their parents moved them into a creepy old three-storey house. Rather than being scarred for life, the experience gave the brothers a passion for the paranormal, and now with the help of Nik and Wyatt, they've taken it upon themselves to find ultimate proof of the paranormal.

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