Bring A Doll To Life Potion

October 04, 2018 11:42 PM
If you saw last week's video, then you might remember that at the end I found a creepy looking doll, that I think was left behind by the previous owners of the house. As it's the month of Halloween, I thought I'd try to call upon an evil spirit to attach itself to the doll and bring it to life.

First I need to check that the doll isn't already haunted by using a K-II meter. It shows no sign of supernatural energy, this doll is clean.

Next, we'll need to brew a demonic summoning potion. You'll first need your cauldron and a few simple ingredients including:
- Sea salt
- Ground hellerman crystal
- Devil's tonic
- Red eagle's tail feather
- Hammatfish.
- Dragon's blood
- Witch's brew

Then stir the mixture well and collect some in a small metal container like a miniature bucket. Place the dolls hand or foot in the bucket and allow it to soak over night, this should attract and trap a demon inside the doll.

The next morning I check the doll again for paranormal energy, this time the device aggressively indicates demonic attachment. It worked, we now have our very owned cursed doll.

The next night I set up a special full spectrum ghost detecting camera to monitor the doll. At first it looks like nothing is happening, but if we speed up the footage you can see that the doll is in fact moving but too slowly to see with the naked ear.

This confirms that the doll is cursed and her powers will only grow stronger the closer we get to Halloween, I'll be continuing my experiments with the doll for the next few weeks.

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