Corsham Computer Centre Unwanted Visit

July 23, 2013 12:46 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Secret Vault in July 2013.

We decided to take a trip down to the super secret Corsham Computer Centre which is an underground complex which is apparently a Nuclear Command and Control centre for the British Military. Very easy to access from the main road the facility has opted for a "low key" approach not advertising its presence with any Keep Out signs or warnings that you shouldn't be there. This means that you can get extremely close to the entrance before being asked to leave by the MOD police who will arrive in a minute.

If you decide to go there, take a camera as there are no anti-photography signs and know your rights but be polite with the police who will want to take your details. Don't mention my name unless you want to get some giggles.

YouTube user Mark Quested wrote, "the computer centre tests and maintains software used for the Trident nuclear deterrent, such as the targeting software, according to official parliamentary documents. (However, in wartime, it MAY have a dual-purpose role as a subsidiary site to the Northwood nuclear weapons command centre, but that's guess work on my part.)"

According to a former MOD Corsham employee, it was housed underground simply because there was space available for it in the old underground Bath Stone Hudswell Quarry.

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