Crown Point Mill: How To Feed A Demon

July 24, 2022 11:49 AM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Twin Paranormal in July 2022.

Investigating a place that we were told is HAUNTED by a DEMON?! What we experienced inside was absolutely crazy!

Crown Point Mill:

Once a mill used to process gold and silver ore in the early 1900’s it has sat abandoned and empty for decades. With one recorded death on the property but also being built on top of the site of one of the worst mining disasters in history its no wonder everyone says this place is truly haunted!! We spoke to someone who works here and they told us about their own experiences inside and what they think is really going on here. They said that they believe a demon is responsible for tormenting and even attacking and following home one of her friends after they went inside alone. Not only that they said no matter what this demon always comes back to this place, but no one knows exactly who this entity that haunts the place is, or what they’re doing there. We decided to take a look for ourselves and try to see if we could get any information about this demon…

About Twin Paranormal

Ryan and River are twins who say they've always had something fallowing them. It all started in Reno NV when their parents moved them into a creepy old three-storey house. Rather than being scarred for life, the experience gave the brothers a passion for the paranormal, and now with the help of Nik and Wyatt, they've taken it upon themselves to find ultimate proof of the paranormal.

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