The Black Monk Of No. 30

April 28, 2016 8:32 AM
Originally named 30 East Drive, the name has been changed to not encroach on any copyright.

Watch as I spend the night all alone with what is claimed to be Europe's most violent poltergeist in what could be the most in depth, unbiased look at this famous house which is none other than 30 East Drive.

Remember, I do not lie, I do not make things up, I am only here to report my findings and then its up to you to look for things I may have missed on the footage and to decide if this really is as haunted as it is claimed.

About Curiosity

Curiosity follows filmmaker Gary Jay as he tried to uncover the truth on myths, legends and the paranormal. Gary collects evidence in his unique no nonsense style and leaves it up to you to decide what you believe.

There will be no trickery, nothing false, just pure 100% legit investigations, video reviews and documentaries that will cover social topics, the paranormal and much more.

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