Dark Entity Within Mill Street Barracks

October 29, 2020 1:06 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Dark Territory in October 2020.

The team travel to the city of Liverpool to the thought to be very haunted Mill Street Barracks. But why would a former military barracks be so haunted?

There have been numerous historic events that could possibly explain this, such as a tuberculosis outbreak that forced the barracks to become a temporary overflow hospital, or even during the second World War when the bodies of the unfortunate victims of the blitz were stored within it's large basement. It therefore seemed the ideal place to put the infamous Ouija board through a thorough test, in an attempt to try to discover exactly why this building is haunted.

About Dark Territory

Having now investigated the paranormal for over four years and learned to accept the reality that there really is something out there, British paranormal investigators Sean Kenna, Sean Owen and Karl Hassall join forces to push the boundaries of modern day ghost hunting. Selecting Britain's most horrific locations, their aim is to confront the most negative of entities... hoping that in doing so, may provide a greater chance of capturing that undeniable evidence that every paranormal investigator seeks.

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