Eerie City Ghosts: Glasgow Hotel & Surrounding Area

May 09, 2020 7:05 AM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Haunted Scotland in May 2020.

Today's Ghost Of The Day comes in the form of Eerie City Ghosts at a Glasgow Hotel & Surrounding Area. The Eerie activity of the shadowy apparitions, playful spooks and the usage of a nearby prisons brickwork may just be the source of that phantom spark in Scotland's supernatural city of Glasgow.

About Haunted Scotland

Haunted Scotland is a non-profit project created by Ryan O'Neill, founder of Scottish Paranormal & Co-ordinator at International Paranormal Investigators (IPI). Ryan has worked within the field of Paranormal Investigation, particularly hauntings and afterlife, for over ten years and may be recognisable by his appearances in the popular TV show Most Haunted, ITV1's Tough Gig, USA Prime-Time Show Brew Dogs (With Barry Fitzgerald & Mark Turner) along with countless radio and newspaper contributions

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