EVP Demonstration: Communicating With The Dead

July 10, 2015 5:30 AM


In this video I’m going to show you how to talk to the dead using electronic voice phenomenon.

First we need awaken the spirits. I’m using a Tibetan singing bowl, it’s gentle soothing sound attracts positive spirits and energy.

Next we’re going to start talking to the spirits, make sure you have your phrase book to hand. Ghosts don’t talk English like us, they speak in a language which sounds a bit like Indian singing, but don’t worry, we can translate it.

We’re going to communicate with the spirits via EVP. You’ll need a digital audio recorder, I’m using the Sony D-1,400 which I bought online. I originally ordered a D-1,300 but that turned out to be a television.

In EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon we won’t hear the spirits with our ears but when we play back the recording their speech tones will be audible.

Press record and start your questions. Then, transfer your audio on to a listening device, I’m using this sophisticated Macintosh computum.

Using some audio editing software like Ballzout or SoundCat boost the level of the recording and then listen back.

Afterwards, thank the spirit and clear the air with another soothing tone from your singing bowl.


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