Exploring Britain's Answer To The Blair Witch House

January 03, 2021 6:07 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Hauntings in January 2021.

Simon went off the beaten track to see what the big deal was about the house dubbed on social media as the Blair Witch House.. A Few urban explorers I know of have fleeted the location in terror after they heard noises coming from upstairs. It was mentioned they actually thought a sheep had some how managed to get up stairs only for them to go up to find nothing. Another urban explorer took an image of what looks like a face on a door.. Rachel and I tried to debunk and recreate the image presuming it was just a perfectly timed smear on the glass that produced it.. We couldn't replicate the image after 40 to 50 attempts.. Various strange items had been in the house.. One was a chickens foot hanging in the attic? we believe to be for protection, another item was found in a wardrobe.

A huge rat was cut in half and at the location.. It can't have been killed at the location as there was no blood.. It wasn't killed by an animal as the sliced section was too clean a cut; and to be honest what animal would leave it? Well that was my line of thinking.....

There were bat's hanging in the attic in some kind of trance hibernation? They didn't move when I prodded them.

Interesting place which one particular room was significantly colder then the rest.

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