Eye Color Change Spell That Really Works

January 11, 2018 7:10 PM
Have you ever wished you could change your eye colour? Perhaps from a boring grey to a vibrant brown? In this video I'll show you how to make a potion to do just that.

First you'll need a small bottle of repanian duvarlier. Remove the corking system and pour the whole bottle in to a cauldron or baking pot. Make sure you get every last drop as this body altering liquid is a very important ingredient.

Then you'll need about 0.1.4 billilitres of norbis tertrian milk. Roughly pour the correct amount into the cauldron.

Then you'll need two pickled coadees. This magical ingredient will focus the mystical energies on your eye holes.

Then add just a splash of caterpillar oil. You only need a very small quantity.

Next pour in one whole pewter's worth of fresh British water.

You'll then need to pour in about a handful of durtles, then give your mixture a stir.

Finally you'll need to drop in an object to chose the new colour of your eyes. I'm dropping in a nutty nut nut to make my eye go hazel brown.

Then collection some of the potion in a cup and drink it right down. Almost immediately the magic will take effect and your eyes will change colour forever.

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