Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse - Ghost Doctor

August 16, 2020 4:04 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Ghost Doctor in August 2020.


This is where it all started! Ghost Doctor, the Premiere Episode! This is the episode the Paranormal Community DOES NOT WANT YOU to see! I've met with production companies, network heads, TV development teams, producers, numerous paranormal celebrities and THEY DO NOT want you to see this!! They don't even want to admit this documentary exists!

This very first 90 minute interaction with a spirit was recorded in 2012 and has YET to be duplicated, even though all the current ghost hunting shows have been trying to take certain aspects from my approach and use it in their shows. When you tune into programs that promise you next level ghost hunting, you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. This video is what they are trying to achieve! I've talked to them all and they know me and what I am about and they do not want you to see this! Like and Share, please!! This must get out. I cannot be silenced any longer!

Join Ghost Behaviorist, Chris Bores as he travels to the St Augustine Lighthouse with psychologist Alan Cicco to seek out the shadowmen this location is known for. Your jaw will drop as a 90 minute conversation unfolds about the afterlife and the secrets revealed to Chris Bores, the Ghost Doctor in a way never documented before!

About Ghost Doctor

'Ghost Doctor' features Chris Bores, who is the world's first ghost behaviorist. The channel is dedicated to finding that next level in ghost hunting through psychology, sociology, ancient texts and more by using the latest technologies available.

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