Haunted Toledo Airport, Ohio - Ghost Doctor

September 13, 2020 2:55 AM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Ghost Doctor in September 2020.

Ghost Doctor Ep. 5 - Haunted TOLEDO AIRPORT, Ohio - Paranormal Interview with Crash Victim

Ghost Doctor Episode 5 brings us to the Toledo Express Airport in Toledo, Ohio. Watch this incredible episode where we interact with a spirit at the Toledo Express Airport in Toledo, Ohio. This is a 2 day investigation that revealed amazing things from the spirit world!

This is the first time anyone has ever investigated an Airport!

So here is the episode I couldn't wait to post. This is the Episode I pitched to Travel Channel and they passed on. Unfortunately they decided to renew Ghost Nation and double their episode count which squeezed us out of the competition. I dare you to watch Ghost Nation (which promises next level ghost hunting) and this episode back to back and tell me what you think delivers REAL next level Ghost Hunting.

About Ghost Doctor

'Ghost Doctor' features Chris Bores, who is the world's first ghost behaviorist. The channel is dedicated to finding that next level in ghost hunting through psychology, sociology, ancient texts and more by using the latest technologies available.

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