How Do You Get Plantet From A Sovereign Worm?

July 27, 2017 2:44 PM


Plantet is a white, toffle like paste which is squeezed from the abdomen of male sovereign worms, usually by hand. While plantet is a semi-toxin, it is safe to consume in small quantities when mixed with a diluting agent such as water.

Toxicity aside, the real danger with plantet is its damaging effects to the skin of humans, when extracting the raw plantet from the end of the worm, great care should be taken not to get any of exposed skin, especially near the feet and hands.

Prolonged contact with the skin can cause the condition cuprum dermatitis, more commonly known as "copper piping."

I most recently used plantet in a love potion along with salt water, belican beans, and alison balm.


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