How To Make A Fairy Potion To Summon A Fairy

June 09, 2016 5:10 PM


This magical potion will let you summon your own fairy to help you around the house or to flutter around at the end of your garden.

A fairy potion can be tricky to make but I’ll guide you throw it with my mouth words, to start with prepare your cauldron and add the following ingredients...

Spring water
A dragonfly’s wing
A pinch of fairy dust
Devil’s lilac petal

Gently heat the potion until you seem pink vaporous gases and then carefully remove your cauldron from the heat.

Place your cauldron outside, as close to nature as possible and wait. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled as fairies move fast.

Once your fairy materialises she will be your loyal friend and companion, appearing whenever you need her. Not only are fairies great company but they also make excellent reading light.

Remember every time someone says a fairy video is fake, somewhere a fairy dies.

Potion Ingredients

  1. Dragonfly's Wing
  2. Fairy Dust
  3. Devil's Lilac

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