How To Make A Giant Peach Potion

April 27, 2017 3:30 PM


In this video I'll show you how to grow your own giant peach like James' using a magic potion. To brew the potion you'll need the following ingredients...

- A twig from a baron peach tree
- A peach's stone
- Some shark's teeth
- A finger from a young monkey
- Crocodile tongues
- The beak of a parrot

You'll need to make sure there's plenty of moisture to help your giant peach grow, so pour in a whole bottle of rain water and finally, to activate your potion drop in three spoonfuls of sugar.

You'll then need to stir well your mixture well until you feel something lumpy form inside the cauldron. Reach inside and you should find a delicious fully ripened peach.

Place the peach on the ground, somewhere where it has plenty of room to grow and leave it over night.

In the middle of the night the peach will grow in size and by the morning you'll have your very own giant peach.

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