How To Make A Unicorn Transfiguration Potion

May 25, 2017 10:08 PM


In this video I'll show you how to make a potion that will allow you to transform into a unicorn at will using a recipe from my book of shadows. You'll need the following ingredients...

- Water
- African ginger
- Bird's foot
- American dittany
- Kronos' blood
- Chinese parsley

Then stir your mixture, light a flame underneath your cauldron and let the concoction simmer for one hour. Then take a steaming cup of the potion and drink it.

When you want to become a unicorn, just concentrate hard on the transformation and you should instantly transfigure into a beautiful white unicorn.

People always ask me where I get my ingredients. Well in this video I've used some really traditional ingredients which were used in ancient witchcraft rituals and to help you I've put together a little guide so you can translate the old witches' names in to their modern names. So to find out the modern names of things like Kronos' blood, Bird's foot and African ginger, click here.


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