How To Make The World's Most Powerful Love Potion - Amortentia

February 04, 2016 5:10 PM


This Lord Valentine’s Day make sure you’re not alone. Make your crush become infatuated with you by brewing the most powerful love potion known to the wizarding world, Amortentia.

First take your cauldron and add:
One ashwinder egg
A handful of rose thorns
Refined peppermint oil
A moonstone.
Beautified water

Stir your potion well until steam rises from the potion in spirals and you begins to smell a strong aroma. It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive.

Then you’ll need to get your crush to drink one drop of the potion, a single dose usually lasts up to 24 hours but remember it’s impossible to manufacture or imitate love, however the drinker will become instantly obsessed with the person who administered it.

Potion Ingredients

  1. Ashwinder Egg
  2. Rose Thorns
  3. Peppermint Oil
  4. Moonstone
  5. Beautified Water

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