How To See A Ghost At Halloween

October 13, 2016 8:10 PM


One guaranteed way to see a spirit, ghost or spectre on Halloween is to perform this dark ritual. First turn out your lights, this ritual will only work in darkness, the only light in the room should come from this video.

We're going to be trying to summon the spirit of the crying boy, a young boy who burnt to death while trying to escape a fire. All that was left of him was the singed eyes of the teddy bear he was carrying.

In this video I'm going to awaken his spirit and if you're brave enough, you can call him to visit you on this Halloween night. To do this I'm going to add the following ingredients to a cauldron:

- Some water
- The singed eyes of the boy's bear
- A handful of ash to the cauldron

Then you need concentrate as I recite the awakening enchantment from the book of shadows.

I call to any spirits who can hear my plea,
Focus your energy into a form we can see.
Your spirit still lives although forgotten,
While your body lays cold, dead and rotten.
You may rise tonight from beyond the grave,
But please promise that you will behave.

Once the boy is free, you'll be able to call him to you by repeating the following curse three time, "through burning flames be here now."

Potion Ingredients

  1. Water
  2. Ash

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