How To Summon Slender Man With A Potion

February 02, 2017 5:10 PM


If you're feeling brave and want to summon Slender Man, then in this video I'll show you how to brew a potion to help. You'll need the following ingredients...

- Water
- Ink from a giant squid
- A wortherman's stone
- Dragon's ivy
- Willow twigs

Next you'll need to take a sheet of white A4 paper and draw the Slender Man symbol on it. A circle with a cross through it. The dip an object to entice Slender Man into the potion and place it on the paper.

It can be hard to catch Slender Man on video but I'm using high tech camera to try to get around this, but it still takes a very long time.

Potion Ingredients

  1. Water
  2. Giant Squid Ink
  3. Wortherman's Stone
  4. Dragon's Ivy
  5. Willow Twigs
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