How To Talk To The Dead - Ouija Board Instructions

April 17, 2015 6:30 AM


If you want to experience what it’s like talking to the dead you could either marry an accountant or use a ouija board.

As well as your board, you'll also need a planchette. These is usually stored in Butterman’s Serum in between seances.

Place the planchette in to the centre of the board and test for a working connection to the afterlife by placing one hand on the board and asking some base questions.

Once you have confirmed that you are talking to a real live ghost, you can start asking the serious questions.

Sometimes using a ouija board can open a gateway and allow evil spirits through in to the real world. The first sign of this is usually when your board starts bleeding.

The easiest way to prevent a demon attaching itself to you is to use protection and remember to move the planchette to goodbye at the end of the seance to close the board.


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