"I Am The Curator Of This Museum, And I Know That It's Haunted"

July 16, 2019 10:07 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Paranormal Files in July 2019.

This cabin is haunted. The public has never been allowed inside of this building, and we are the first to ever investigate its halls for paranormal activity. Listen to museum curator Teata's ghost stories during our interview at the notoriously haunted cabin in Texas.

About The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files is a web series which explores all things paranormal, including spirits, religion, cryptids and even extraterrestrials. Over the years, lead investigators Colin Browen and his significant other Payton McWhorter have captured a number of extreme paranormal events on camera, including physical attacks, crystal clear spirit voices and even what appear to be apparitions on camera.

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