Investigate The Victoria Theatre

October 10, 2020 4:20 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Entering The Unknown Paranormal in October 2020.

Dave Harazny, Andrew Warrington Jones, Sean Helm and Rachel Barlow investigate a haunted and abandoned theatre in Greater Manchester.

Victoria Theatre is a theatre in the Lower Broughton area of Salford. It was designed by Bertie Crew and officially opened in 1900 and was last in use as a bingo hall in 2008. The original capacity was 2,000 seated, this was increased to 3000 in 1910.

The theatre became a Grade II listed building in 1980 during its time as a bingo hall, but soon after was severely damaged when its third floor was removed and replaced with a less ornate brick wall. From its glory days, the theatre has now been left to decay.

About Entering The Unknown Paranormal

Entering The Unknown Paranormal are a team from Cheshire who investigate around the Northwest of England. Founded by award-winning psychic medium Andrew Warrington Jones, and lead investigator David Harazny alongside their team of investigators, Mandy Pickford, Chrissie Walker, Shaun Helm, and Gemma Leigh Drury.

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