Kiss Your Hand Five Times Repost This Then Look Under Your Pillow

January 14, 2016 8:10 PM


"Kiss your hand 5 times and repost this comment then look under your pillow."

If you’re a regular on YouTube then you probably will have seen thousands of comments which say "kiss your hand 5 times repost this then look under your pillow” but what happens if you do it?

This is old magic and a way of making wishes come true, it dates back to 1827 and was discovered by famous wizard Lord Paul Daniels. So, let’s give it a try.

First be sure to clean your hand, alcohol gel is best as it will kill off any contaminants or bacteria before you bring the surface of the skin to your lips.

Next ask a friend or family member to count for you as you kiss the back of your hand.

Then to finalise the magic you’ll need to repost the comment on another video, you can add it in the comments below if you want to give it a try. Simply press shift, ctrl, command F4 and C then V to copy and paste the comment.

Then take a look under your pillow. If there’s nothing there straight away, give it a few seconds and then look again.

You should find that under your pillow you’ll have everything you’ve wished for like gold, monies or a new phone.

You can then go out and enjoy your new riches, but obviously you will carry with you a 30 year’s of bad luck curse… but hey, at least you got a new phone right?


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