Real Girl Becomes A Beautiful Mermaid Using A Potion

April 21, 2016 2:10 PM


If you'd like to dive beneath the waves and live the life of a merhuman, then here's a potion which will help you fulfil your watery dreams.

You'll need the following ingredients:

1. Water
2. Dried dragon flower crown
3. Rarbon's shell
4. Wasp wood or oliver wood
5. Pentithorne
6. Lobster snot
7. Pacific sea salt

Collect a small quantity of the potion in a bottle, roughly 1.4.5 cubic calves.

The perform the transformation ritual. First run a hot bath and climb in. Pour the vile of potion into the water and watch as your transformation occurs.

From now on, whenever your feet touches water you'll become a mermaid until the next full moon… which can be a little annoying, you may find you’ll need to move to a more suitable home.

Potion Ingredients

  1. Dragon Flower Crown
  2. Rarbon's Shell
  3. Wasp Wood
  4. Oliver Wood
  5. Pentithorne
  6. Lobster Snot

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