Mysterious Williamson Tunnels - History And Ghost Tales

October 05, 2018 11:31 AM
Documentary and paranormal investigation at The Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool, a location that is truly fascinating and mysterious. Joseph Williamson created an underground world with sections and tunnels which lead off directly underneath his home.

He would have had help from many to do this between roughly 1810 and 1840. Why he decided to do this is where the mystery lies. There is many Chinese whispers and speculation to why but there is no solid proof.

There are no records, no conversations recorded, there is nothing. It truly was a secret but a secret that was known to many but nobody ever told.

The tunnels remained derelict and filled with rumble until archaeological investigations were carried out in 1995. The site is still being excavated to this day and the fantastic team named Friends of Williamson spend every Wednesday and Sunday digging by hand to unearth this unseen world.

During the excavation ghostly stories have emerged. Many of the trustees have experienced something here from hearing children's voices, knocks and unexplainable noises, as well as reports of things being thrown at them and even a full-bodied apparition appear at times.

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