Paranormal Activity In A Haunted Australian Jail

November 25, 2022 2:32 AM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest in November 2022.

Abandoned in Kilmore, long forgotten sits a Haunted Jail that many believe holds the souls of many gold miners who lost their virtues in the pursuit of riches. The ghosts are said to greet anyone who enters, and tonight we will be staying the night to find out if any of the former prisoners are waiting for us inside one of Australia's Most Haunted Jails.

In the 1850s, Kilmore, Victoria went crazy over gold. The sudden riches in the gold mines brought a huge number of unpleasant and downright nasty individuals to the town. To combat this high rise in crime rate the town built the Kilmore Gaol (Jail). Because Kilmore was a highly visited gold mining town, it Brough outlaws from all over the continent who were in search of wealth, for better or for worse. This left a string of robbers, murderers, and violent criminals dumped inside the walls of the Old Kilmore Gaol. The facility was a maximum-security prison in use from 1859 until 1891 when it was decommissioned and used as a butter factory. The gaol saw many escapes and uprisings over its 32-year period of use. Contrary to popular belief, Ned Kelly was never actually a prisoner here.

It has maintained its original bluestone walls and intimidating appearance, but the interior of the jail was renovated during the time it served as a butter factory. During its time as a butter factory, workers already began to circulate rumors that the old Gaol was haunted. Voices were heard, shadow figures were seen, and after the closure of the factory, many started to wonder if some of these criminals and outlaws may have stayed permanently, their souls trapped, never to leave. Tonight, we will be joined on this investigation by @AmysCrypt to see just how haunted the Old Kilmore Gaol truly is. A HUGE thank you to @Adelaide Haunted Horizons for finding this location and bringing us to it to investigate, and showing us all of the amazing historical and haunted places in Victoria and South Australia.

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