Paris Catacombs 4K Urban Exploration

November 08, 2019 11:36 AM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel The Secret Vault in November 2019.

The Secret Vault explore Underground and at the Paris Catacombs with the Exploring with Fighters crew, Finders Keepers history Seekers, Exploring with Bucky, Proving Pemons.

In part one we we get wet and have to crawl on her hands and knees through sewage.

This certainly was an eye opener to go to Paris for the first time and go underneath the city streets where millions of bodies were dumped and the bones still remain.

Part Two

In part two we will look at the the open mass grave that is the Paris Catacombs and things get tense when we Encounter the locals.

We walk on human bone remains and visit a "Bone Throne" and some random femme crack head wants to destroy my camera and succeeds in costing me Β£150 for a new gimbal.

About The Secret Vault

Secrets and conspiracies and hidden facts, some of it right on the mark, some of it a bit wide. Presented mostly uncut so you can decide for yourself.

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